Parish meetings are held annually on a day between the 1st of March and the 1st of June and, if there is no separate parish council, on one other occasion during the year. Parish meetings are open to the public but only registered electors for the parish are permitted to vote on any proposal.

Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutes
Thu 25th Apr, 2024Annual Parish Meeting Download Download
Thu 27th Apr, 2023Annual Parish Meeting Download Download
Tue 15th Mar, 2022Annual Parish Meeting Download Download
Wed 5th May, 2021Annual Parish Meeting Download Download
Wed 13th May, 2020Annual Parish MeetingNo meeting held due to COVID 19 pandemicNo meeting held.
Thu 4th Apr, 2019Annual Parish Meeting 2019 Download Download
Fri 27th Apr, 2018Annual Parish Meeting Download
Wed 24th May, 2017Annual Parish Meeting Download
Fri 8th Apr, 2016Annual Parish Meeting Download
Fri 17th Apr, 2015Annual Parish Meeting Download