What is the Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will shape and focus the development of Harvington until 2030.
The current draft has been developed by the community of Harvington and approved by Harvington Parish Council.
The eventual plan will be submitted to an Independent Examiner before then going on to a public referendum.

Regulation 14 Consultation

The Regulation 14 consultation started on 27th April 2018 and ended at 5pm on Saturday 9th June.

The consultation responses can be inspected here.

Please read the Neighbourhood Plan Privacy Notice to understand how the Parish Council will use the information provided during surveys and consultations.

What happens next?

The plan has to proceed through the following stages:
  1. The amended plan has been passed to Wychavon District Council, who will undertake a 'Regulation 16 consultation' among statutory authorities,
  2. The plan will then be examined by an independent planning examiner,
  3. The examiner's findings will be considered, and further amendments made where necessary,
  4. The final version of the plan will be submittted by Wychavon District Council to a referendum of the electorate of Harvington,
  5. If there is a simple majority in favour of the plan, it will then be 'made' and will come into force.
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which controls the process and content of neighbourhood plans was revised by the government in July 2018 (NPPF2); the Regulation 16 draft plan has been prepared in conformity to NPPF2.

How was the draft plan produced?

The draft plan was produced by a volunteer Steering Group of villagers. Their working methodology, survey results, meeting minutes and background papers and photographs are recorded on this web site and can be seen by using the menu items at the top of this page.
The draft plan was then revised by our planning consultant - Neil Pearce of Avon Planning Services - who has also advised the Parish Council on this consultation process.