Harvington Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 14 pre-submission consultation April - June 2018

Index of responses

Responses to consultation on draft Neighbourhood Plan

This page catalogues all the consultation responses, and records what actions were taken in response to each received comment.

All personal names and contact information have been redacted.
The Harvington Parish Clerk holds the unredacted originals.

Comprehensive response listings

Full listing of responses received. Each response was assigned a three-digit reference number.

Actions taken - ordered by type of action, then policy number.

Response to consultation

Significant policy changes made before Regulation 16 submission.

Frequently Asked Questions which explain how and why the Neighbourhood Plan is as it is.

Supplementary response documents

Letter from Severn Trent Water (No objections).

Attachment to response 011 (Asking why Development Boundary passes through garden).

Attachment to response 014 (Enquiring about path of Development Boundary).

Attachment to response 014 (Asserting ownership of land to rear of Village Hall).

Local Green Spaces consultation

As required by legislation, known owners of land proposed to be registered as Local Green Spaces were notified in writing in advance of the start of the public plan consultation.

This section records the responses resulting from that notification

In summary, there was one strong objection - to GS8 - both to the name used to refer to it and to the designation itself.

The Regulation 14 draft plan had referred to it as The Common. The Regulation 16 submission now refers to it as Field to the south of the Playing Field. This field is still proposed for LGS registration in the Regulation 16 submission.

The other responses received all concerned details of land ownership. They contained no objections to LGS listing.

Full listing of LGS responses received and actions taken.

Objection to registration of GS8

Ownership of GS9 - Glebe Cottages verge

Land registry title for part of verge area.

Land registry plan assisting identification of verge owners.

Strategic Environmental Assessment - screening

As part of the Regulation 14 consultation process, consideration had to be given as to whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) would need to be undertaken.

Below are the responses from the bodies consulted by Wychavon District Council.

Wychavon District Council concludes that no SEA is required.

Wychavon District Council's initial screening options document.

Response from the Environment Agency.

Response from Historic England.

Response from Natural Agency.