Harvington Neighbourhood Plan - Maps

Neighbourhood Plan area

The area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan is the same as the Parish of Harvington.

Development Boundary

The Neighbourhood Plan has defined a new development boundary.

Development Site

The Neighbourhood Plan allocates a site for the development of around 35 dwellings.

A map of the site is here, and a photographic version is here.
This site includes a community area.

Valued Landscapes

West of village (Leys Road area) incl. Views 10 & 11

Center and east of village

Views 1 & 2 (From north of Ellenden Farm)

Views 3 & 4 (South of Ellenden Farm)

Views 5 & 9 (Stratford Road & Shakespeare Lane area)

Views 6, 7 & 8 (Playing Field to Crest Hill)


These SHAPE files are for use with a Geographic Information System (GIS).

The contain digistised maps in the shapefile format

SHAPE file sets are provided for the following Neighbourhood Plan-defined areas:

They are contained in this zip file, which contains the following file type for each map:

These files were generated using the free QGIS system.