Harvington Neighbourhood Plan

Status of Plan: 'Made' by the Local Authority.

Having been accepted in the Village Referendum, the Plan was 'made' (adopted) by Wychavon District Council at its meeting on 18th September 2019.

The adopted version can be found here.

The Chair of the Steering Group has produced a final report, which includes

The Chair has also produced a Hints and Tips presentation, which may be of assistance to other communities embarking on a Neighbourhood Plan.

Village Referendum

The plan was submitted to a Village Referendum on 25th July 2019. It was passed by 87% in a turnout of 47%

Here is a copy of the official declaration.

In the run-up to the Referendum a leaflet explaining the Plan was been delivered to every house in Harvington.

The entire plan was available for consultation in:

It, with maps and poster displays, was also on display at:

Independent Examination

The Regulation 16 consultation version of the draft Plan was then submitted for Independent Examination, which took place in January - June 2019.

The Report of the Independent Examiner, Ann Skippers of Ann Skippers Planning Ltd, was received on Tuesday 11 June 2019.

It can be found here.

The Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has produced this informal summary of the changes recommended by the Examiner.

All of her recommended changes were accepted; the Regulation 16 version was edited to become the Referendum version (referenced above).

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - 24 October to 5 December 2018

The responses to the Regulation 16 consultation may be accessed via WDC's site.

Regulation 16 submission

On 10th October 2018 Harvington Parish Council approved the submission of the draft of the plan to Wychavon District Council,
so that they can undertake the Regulation 16 consultation.

Index of submission documents

1) Draft Neighbourhood Plan (pdf - 115 pages)

2) Evidence, Reasoning and Justification (pdf - 120 pages)

3) Consultation Statement (pdf - 263 pages)

4) Basic Conditions Statement (pdf - 12 pages)

5) Declaration of lack of necessity for Strategic Environmental Assessment


High resolution maps and downloadable SHAPE files (for Geographic Information Systems) are available here.

Regulation 14 consultation

The above Consultation Statement includes a record of the Regulation 14 consultation.

A full record of the Regulation 14 consultation (Apr - June 2018) is available here.

A Frequently Asked Questions document, produced by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, explains the plan and its implications for the village. (pdf - 12 pages)

A Significant Changes document tracks the policy changes made in moving from the Regulation 14 to the Regulation 16 drafts. (pdf - 6 pages)

Neighbourhood Plan - full records

The full historical record of the preparation of this Plan, together with archives of village photographs, is available here

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