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Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter: Evesham
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Issue 2 2023
Welcome to your latest newsletter from the Evesham Safer Neighbourhood Team. We have new team members, and as always, we have some great success stories to share with you.
We are gearing up to the Battle Of Evesham event over the weekend of 5th/6th August, and look forward to seeing you there.
Community Priorities
Thank you to the Parishes who have returned the priorities for your communities as part of our Community Policing Charter.
The main feedback relates to issues which include speeding vehicles through villages, ASB and rural crime.
As a team we will focus on these areas and will seek assistance from our external partner agencies such as Wychavon Council community safety teams, local housing associations, and our road safety teams.
SNT Drop in surgeries
We continue to hold regular Police drop-in sessions in areas which have ongoing concerns and are linked to a higher increase in crime and ASB. We now have access to a community engagement van so the team can set up a mobile “office” to allow us to speak with residents and provide advice and crime prevention information.
Keep up to date via Neighbourhood Matters (NHM) for future dates and locations. We have a new community engagement calendar on NHM which will highlight our events.
Keep an eye out for the van and drop in to say hello….
Staff Changes
We have 2 new members who have joined our team.
PC Alex Prentice.
Alex has joined our Evesham Rural North team to work along side PC BEARDS and PCSO SANSOM covering Cleeve Prior, the Littletons and surrounding villages.
Alex has a wealth of knowledge in Policing, and she is looking forward to the new challenges the role brings.
PCSO Luke Harris
Luke joins our Evesham Town team to work along side PC JOHNS. Luke has been a PCSO working in Redditch for the last 4 years, he has the skills and knowledge to get stuck into the associated issues around the town.
Good News/Results
The team have achieved some excellent results over the last few months, below are some of the highlights.
In the first week in August we have carried out a drug warrant in Evesham following on from received intelligence reports of suspicious activity, and drug dealing in the area. Officers were assisted by our dog unit and detained 2 people on the premises, this resulted in a seizure of drugs and further intelligence gained. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

This area of Policing continues to be a concern, our rural areas have been targeted for large scale theft, including further reports of stolen solar panels, and a number of cars being stolen. The affect on the owners and the Community increases the fear of crime, as such we have focused on tackling the issues.
Following on from some excellent work by the team we recovered hundreds of stolen solar panels which were linked to a theft on our policing area, and the suspect is now under investigation for several other offences which we are working with CPS to hopefully achieve a successful prosecution.


Catalytic converter thefts are a National Problem, driven by the high value of the platinum-based material contained within them that filters the polluted exhaust gases. They are relatively easy to steal due to the accessibility under the vehicle. The problem is being addressed nationally with Manufacturers, and the issue will be designed out at some point in the future – for new cars only of course.

We have been working with our rural business crime team to visit areas which have been targeted for vehicle crime over the recent months. Working with local car garages, we have implemented the installation of catalytic converter protection kits and marking to deter criminals from stealing them.

Neighbourhood Watch was founded in 1982 and is the largest voluntary movement focused on crime prevention in England and Wales. Over 4,000 households in West Mercia are members of Neighbourhood Watch, empowering neighbours in their community to work together to build safer, vibrant and inclusive place to live, helping to prevent crime and make a positive and sustainable difference.
With more than 400,000 domestic burglaries reported last year, this upsetting crime ranks within the top five most common in the UK, which is why prevention remains a big focus for Neighbourhood Watch.
Could you make a difference?
For more information please visit – West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch
Having engaged and listened with the local communities and parish leaders, PC TROWMAN has successfully set up new Neighbourhood watch schemes. Working with our citizens in policing team at HQ, Broadway and Childswickham can now share information, and receive updates which affect their local communities. If you feel your village would also benefit from a scheme, then please get in touch.

If you have an issue with speeding in your village then please let us know and we will look to add the area to our speed enforcement
Below is a small snippet of our ongoing work.


You can use the below link to report ASB to West Mercia Police.
Report antisocial behaviour | West Mercia Police.
How to contact your SNT
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Neighbourhood Matters
West Mercia Police are looking to sign up as many residents as possible to Neighbourhood Matters. This is a completely free service, and
takes around 2 minutes to sign up. Once your account is activated you will receive local news and updates from your local policing teams,
together with updates from our HQ teams.
Neighbourhood Matters allows you to engage with a post directly with the team, send them a reply to a post and the team can update you

Take a look at the website for further details.