Harvington Community Assistance – during COVID -19

Harvington Pastoral Support Network

Hi everyone; it’s great to see how so many people are prepared to help others in these difficult circumstances. We would encourage as many people as possible to keep an eye on neighbours who may be elderly or vulnerable in other ways. Perhaps this is the time to make ourselves known to people whom we are aware of, but not really in contact with, just to say we are willing to lend a hand if it’s wanted.

As a small group of volunteers, the people in the Pastoral Support Network are not health experts, and so we would just reiterate the advice given out by the Public Health Authority. One important area is that of protecting vulnerable people from any infection that visitors could unknowingly introduce; therefore we need to be mindful of the advice to maintain “social distance”. (You’ve probably already noticed that postmen, delivery people, etc, are changing their routines because of this.) So it would be better to keep direct contact with people to a minimum, and concentrate on telephone contact instead. Perhaps we could drop a note in to neighbours giving our name and phone number, and inviting them to phone if they would like to. (There is a brilliant little card posted on Facebook which could be used.)

Unfortunately the situation is going to increase social isolation for people and we know that that can be very hard, so offering a quick phone call every so often might be reassuring. Checking that someone on their own is okay can sometimes be done by arranging a daily signal, (e.g. checking their curtains are open, or agreeing some other sign); this might alert us if something is amiss.

‘Milk and More’ may be able to deliver basic goods to people in the village and Ellenden’s are arranging a system whereby people can order by phone and collect shopping from outside the shop. Lots of friends and neighbours are very kindly offering help with shopping, picking up prescriptions etc, which is great, (maybe we should consider getting written permission for collecting prescriptions, and getting receipts if handling money.) However it goes without saying that hand hygiene is really important; washing hands before and after any contact will go some way towards protecting ourselves as well as our neighbours.

The people in the Pastoral Support Network co-ordination group have all had the relevant police background checks, but there are strict safeguarding rules which mean that we can’t officially ask other “non-checked” volunteers to take on tasks for people. Obviously we will continue to support residents ourselves as much as we are able, but we would also encourage people to see this as a community challenge, and for us all to do as much as we can to help each other. It’s great that this is already happening, and knowing Harvington, we can be confident that it will continue. But alongside this, we need to remember to keep ourselves as well as our neighbours as safe as possible.

The Pastoral Support phone number is 07591 377367; feel free to give us a ring if you want to talk anything through. Thanks everyone.

Wendy and Konrad Monks

Golden Cross     Takeaway food available    

£6 to £7 per box unless the price is listed by the side. Sunday lunch  £9

Children’s meals £3.50

Phone or send a message. Tel: (01386) 304505 Collect from the pub, cash or card.

Ellenden Farm Shop

Please ring the shop 01386 870296 or email if you would like to place an order for collection. Payment can be taken by card over the telephone ready for the order to be collected from the car park.

Harvington Convenience Store

If you are self isolating or any other reason you cannot get out of the house at this difficult time I will deliver your grocery and can take payment over the phone vis card,cash or cheque.  You can put the cash or cheque in an envelope and post it out through the letter box when I’m outside with your delivery.

Ring: 07446604232 or Email: to place an order, make sure to send your address.  You can also place an order for collection in the car park.

NB: The grocery order will be delivered on the same day as long as placed before 12 pm. any order after 12 pm will be delivered the next day.