Annual Parish Meeting

To take place on Thursday 25th April 2024, at 6pm, in Harvington Village Hall.

This meeting is for all parishioners to attend and raise any issues.

Engagement Van – Harvington Village Hall, Saturday 4th May, 13.30 hours.

Neighbourhood Matters LogoThe Police

Engagement Van – Harvington, Village Hall : Sat 04 May 2024 13:30

Dear Resident,

We are encouraging the public to have their say. Your local Safer Neighbourhood Team will be available in the mobile police station at the above time and location.

Please take this opportunity to raise any concerns you may have and to find out what we are doing to tackle the issues that matter to you.

Everyone is welcome and it would be great to see you there.



The Fraud & Scam Bulletin – March 2024


The number of “Nuisance” calls has risen in recent years from 21% to 40% and according to OFGEN, nearly 40% of Scams start with a phone call. These scams involve fraudsters trying to gain your personal and financial information and are often referred to as “Vishing” – an amalgamation of “Voice” and “Phishing”. Very often the fraudster has disguised their call identity by using an apparently legitimate number so appearing genuine; this is known as “Spoofing”. If you do receive a call from a company which is not expected than just hang up, wait for 10 minutes or so, or use another phone, and then call the real company back on a listed number from their website or letterhead.

Common Phone Call Scams

  • Technical Support scams – They may impersonate a company such as Microsoft or BT , and tell you there is a fault on your computer or Broadband. They then probably will ask you to download remote access software to gain access to your computer, or else install Malware on your computer.
  • Impersonation Scams – Typically these may claim to come from your “Bank Fraud Department” telling you that your account or bank cards have been compromised and you need to transfer money to another so-called Safe Account, from where it vanishes.  Similarly calls may come from fraudsters masquerading as a Police Officer, Utility Provider, HMRC or DVLA.
  • Prize Draw Scams – “You have won the Lottery or a Prize Draw!” Sounds good, but is it? You may think you never entered the competition, but they will convince you that you have, then ask for your bank details so you can “receive” the prize.
  • Financial Scams – you are called with tempting offers for investing your money in funds, schemes or perhaps in Bitcoins with the promise of huge returns.  Since 2019, it has been illegal to make cold calls to sell Pension schemes, so any calls about Pension Schemes will be scams. This scheme may be extended in the future to ban an unsolicited financial cold call.

How can you stay safe

  • Never give out your financial information over the phone, and just hang up if you are unsure about the caller’s identity.
  • Register for “TPS” – Telephone Preference Service – this prevents bona fide companies calling you so you will then know that any cold call is a fake.
  • Scammers will often keep the phone line open after the call so even when you think you are calling a legitimate number you are still speaking to the fraudster. Wait for up to 15 minutes or make the call using a different phone line or mobile

Please feel free to share these messages with any vulnerable friends, relatives or neighbours.



Take Five To Stop Fraud

  • STOP: Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe.
  • CHALLENGE: Could it be fake? It’s okay to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.
  • PROTECT: Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a scam and report it to Action Fraud

If you’ve fallen for a scam, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via

Scam Text messages can be forwarded to 7726 to help phone providers take early action and block numbers that generate spam on their networks.

Forward Fake Emails received to 

If you think your bank account or personal banking details have been used fraudulently, then use the short phone number – 159 – to contact the Fraud Prevention Department of most major UK banks.

For further information visit:

West Mercia Newsletter – March 2024







Welcome to my March newsletter.  This month’s edition includes the results of the latest perception survey into the confidence of West Mercia Police, the projects I am funding as part of my Road Safety Fund and my latest meeting with the Chief Constable around Child Sexual Exploitation. 
PCC thanks communities for support

As an election is on the horizon, with the pre-election period starting on Tuesday 19 March, this will be the last newsletter in my 2021-2024 term.

It has been invaluable to meet as many of you as possible at community events and to have conversations about your views and concerns on local policing.

The newsletters from the Police and Crime Commissioner will resume in early-May following the result of the elections.

Tackling crime in West Mercia

I am encouraged to see that crime overall is reducing across West Mercia, with a 15% decrease in the number of reports between January 2022 and January 2023.

A decrease in reports has been seen across the majority of crime types, with vehicle offences, theft from a person (-28%) and anti-social behaviour (-20%) some of the biggest reductions recorded over the same time period.

A number of different factors have contributed to this, including the presence of the Neighbourhood Crime Fighting Teams I have funded.

These bespoke units have been working at the heart of communities to tackle crime.

As part of my budget for the coming year, I am also funding Town Centre Policing Teams to further increase the visibility of officers in crime hotspots to ensure crime continues to decrease across West Mercia.

Government announces additional money to boost PCC’s work to tackle anti-social behaviour

Committed to building a safer West Mercia, last month I welcomed additional Government funding to continue my focus on tackling anti-social behaviour.

The latest Government announcement, following a successful pilot in ten other force areas, will see West Mercia Police receive £1 million to increase uniformed patrolling in ASB hotspots.

I fully support this announcement by the Government as I regularly speak to communities across West Mercia who tell me about the impact anti-social behaviour is having on their feelings of safety.

I am clear, ASB is not a low-level crime, and it needs a strong police response. That’s why I remain focused on ensuring West Mercia Police has the resources it needs to drive change.

In line with the public’s priorities, I have targeted significant investment into boosting officer numbers to record levels, introduced first-of-a-kind Neighbourhood Crime Fighting Teams and this year, town centre policing teams.

I am under no illusion that this is job done, and while this progress is welcome it needs to be seen and felt by the public.

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PCC focuses on public priorities in performance meeting with police Chief

As the voice of the public in policing, a key part of my role is to support and challenge the Chief Constable to ensure the police is delivering for communities across West Mercia.

I am committed to ensuring local communities have confidence in West Mercia Police, and therefore I raised inconsistencies in confidence levels across the three counties.

I scrutinised the performance of the 101 non-emergency line as part of this meeting. With 54% of calls being answered in 30 seconds, this falls 6% short of the force’s target.

While I recognise the improvements that have been made in this area with longer term plans for sustainable improvement, I have sought reassurance on the longer-term plans to deliver greater efficiencies.

While it’s reassuring that crime is falling across the three counties, it’s important that all victims receive a service they expect and deserve. It’s clear that more needs to be done, and quickly.

Find out more

Tackling child-sexual exploitation in West Mercia

I held a formal Assurance and Accountability meeting with the Temporary Chief Constable on its progress to safeguard children.

The meeting was recorded and is now able to watch.

All 13 of West Mercia Police’s recommendations set out in a judge-led independent inquiry, published in 2022, into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Telford were covered in the session.

To ensure the voices of those most impacted by CSE were at the heart of the meeting, feedback from those with lived experience helped inform my lines of enquiry.

While I am reassured significant progress has been made, there’s still more work that needs to be done.

Watch it here

More than 8 in 10 have confidence in West Mercia Police

Results from a survey I run every three months to gain a greater understanding of the public’s views on policing have been gathered.

More than 8 in 10 have confidence in West Mercia Police, but the force is yet to hit its 88% target.

Support and trust remains high, hitting 93% and 88% respectively, and there’s been a 4% rise (83%) in the number of people who feel they would receive a good service.

PCC addresses tensions in communities following recent national protests

Democracy forms the foundation of our communities in West Mercia, giving us all the power to act, speak or think freely.

But these freedoms are fragile and need continuous attention. The recent protests we have seen play out across the country have seen a small but vocal minority overstepping the line of peaceful expression and instead resorting to acts of violence, intimidation and hate.

I have seen this first-hand, where my office and I have received messages from anonymous accounts filled with threats of violence, false accusations and toxicity. I know these hate messages are not unique to me. This is happening across the political spectrum and MPs are fearing for their safety, with Preet Gill MP’s recent interview on Politics Midlands highlighting the daily abuse she faces.

It’s therefore on all of us to drive discourse in a way that respects differing opinions and firmly shuts the door on non-peaceful protest.

Read the open letter in full

PCC believes latest inquiry will address police behaviour

The heinous actions of Wayne Couzens in March 2021, which led to the tragic death of Sarah Everard, have forever altered the public’s trust in police forces across the country.

The Angiolini Inquiry, published last month, has outlined a number of recommendations for police forces including the need to improve the investigation of indecent exposure and the vetting process for police officers.

These recommendations further support actions taken by the Home Office, to address vetting, to ensure all police officers are held accountable for their conduct in line with public expectations.

In West Mercia, trust has remained high towards local police officers, and it is my duty to help protect that trust. However, it is right that this inquiry has shone a light on the improvements that need to be made in police forces across the country, particularly around vetting.

I am clear, I will do all in my power to build public confidence in the police by challenging and supporting West Mercia Police to ensure their officers are adequately trained, equipped and motivated to respond to reports.

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PCC backs initiatives to tackle road safety concerns by £280k across West Mercia

Over a quarter of a million pounds will fund projects to make roads safer across West Mercia, as part of my Road Safety Fund.

With the original fund boosted by £30k after more than 80 applications were submitted by local communities, I will be funding a wide range of schemes across Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin.

I speak regularly to residents and road safety is often a top priority. It’s a concern I share, and I am committed to playing my part to reduce the number of people seriously injured or killed on our roads.

This is only possible with the support of local communities, so I welcome the number of applications and the creative ideas that were submitted.

Some of the projects all communities across West Mercia will benefit from include:

  • West Mercia Police’s ‘Car Safety Campaign’ to offer safety advice to parents to reduce harm to young passengers.
  • A 17–24-year-old pre-licence driver education programme to make young drivers more aware of road safety.

I look forward to seeing the schemes from cameras to education programmes being rolled out in the county, helping to drive change in West Mercia.

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Schools across West Mercia receive mini police officer after winning PCC poster competition

At the heart of my Safer West Mercia Plan is a focus on improving road safety in West Mercia.

Therefore, it was encouraging to see more than 700 creative posters were submitted by 24 primary schools as part of my Mini Police Officer poster competition in December.
See examples of the winning entries above.

Read more
In the heart of your community

As your voice in policing, I really value hearing your experiences and thoughts on policing in your area.

Over the past month, my senior political team and I have been visiting communities across West Mercia.

Earlier this month, I joined a meeting of the Alvechurch Parish Council in Bromsgrove to hear the communities concerns around road safety.
It was an opportunity for me to reassure the residents that active work is being done by myself and the force to ensure their safety.

Police action in your local areaTelford & Wrekin
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AGE UK Notice

As a Wychavon resident you could be entitled to a FREE review of your energy usage provided by Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire, helping you find practical ways to make improvements that will keep you warm this winter.

This may include the installation of energy-saving equipment at no cost. They can also explore any benefits and discounts that you may be able to access for further support.

Call them on 0800 008 6077 or email  to book a review for you or someone you care for. 

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Please view attached poster for details on how to contact your Safer Neighbourhood Police Team.


Government funding is now available for free energy improvements to make homes warmer and reduce energy bills for eligible to all households in Worcestershire. The Home Upgrade Grant is ready!

Improving Energy Efficiency in your home

If your annual household income is £31,000 or less and you are not connected to mains gas for heating, then you could be eligible.

Please see leaflet attached.


Total Attachments: 1

Download: HUG A4 digital version (2 MB)

Road Works – further extention.


​Please be aware the end date for these works has been extended from 29 February 2024 to 11 March 2024; original second notice attached for reference.

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
(C2011 Village Street & C2011 Station Road, Harvington) (Temporary Closure) Order
Order made: to close that part of: Closure 1 – C2011 Village Street from its junction with
C2011 Ragley Road to its junction with U44007 Village Street & C2011 Station Street.
Closure 2 – C2011 Station Road from its junction with C2011 Village Street to its junction with
U44023 St. James Close.
Reason: Drainage/flood alleviation work by Walsh Construction Ltd.
Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where
there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.
Alternative route: C2011 Crest Hill, C2295 Abbots Salford Road, C2295 Harvington Lane,
B4088 Evesham Road, C2011 Village Street and vice versa.
Maximum duration: 18 Months. Anticipated duration: 99 days.

Free Energy Home Improvements

Free Energy Home Improvements now available to residents in Worcestershire – For more information, email 

Help us spread the word about free home improvements in Worcestershire.

The Home Upgrade Grant scheme (HUGs) is designed to tackle colder homes that do not have mains gas central heating. Homeowners and tenants in Worcestershire could benefit from a variety of measures to help reduce energy bills including: internal and external wall insulation, loft and cavity wall insulation, air source heat pumps, solar panels, draught proofing and many more.

Worcestershire County Council is working in partnership with Redditch Borough and Bromsgrove, Malvern Hills and Wychavon District Councils and Act on Energy to deliver this programme.

Worcester City Council and Wyre Forest District Council are administering their own HUG2 scheme and information can be found on their websites.

To qualify, households must not use mains gas to heat their home, have a gross annual income of less than £31,000 with a current Home Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D to G.

Funding is also available for landlords in the charity and private rented sector.

Those who qualify for the scheme will undergo a free technical survey to determine the most suitable energy efficiency measures.

For more information, including full eligibility, and to register your interest visit:  OR  contact your local energy charity Act on Energy on their free advice line 0800 988 2881

All projects must be completed by March 2025.

What we can do:

  • Provide leaflets and/or posters for community centres, village halls, churches and organisations in your area.
  • Act on Energy, your local area energy charity, can attend relevant events that are happening in your area and provide face to face energy advice to residents including available funding and schemes.

For more information, email 

We have also attached a poster and information leaflet.


Total Attachments: 2

Download: HUG A4 digital version (2 MB)
Download: HUG Flyer A5 digital version (2 MB)