Please see attached notice from Wychavon District Council giving full  details  on the referendum to be held on the 25th July 2019.

You will be asked to vote on the following question:

“Do you want Wychavon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Harvington to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Polling from 7 am to 10 pm at Harvington Village Hall, Village Street, Harvington.

Harvington Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed by using the following link.


Wychavon District Council – Small grants between £100 – £500 are available for active organisations in the parish. Closing date August 30th 2019.

Please see information leaflet attached.

Harvington Plan Area

Referendum on the adoption of the Harvington Neighbourhood Plan

  1.  A referendum  will be held  on Thursday,  25th July  2019  to decide on the question below:

“Do you want Wychavon  District Council to use the Neighbourhood  Plan for Harvington  Parish  to  help  it  decide  planning  applications  in  the neighbourhood area ?”

  1. Applications to register  to  vote  at  this  referendum  must  reach  the  Electoral Registration  Officer  at  Civic  Centre,  Queen  Elizabeth  Drive,  Pershore,  Wares, WR10 1PT by no later than Tuesday 9 July 2019
  1. Applications, amendments or cancellations of postal votes and amendments or cancellations of proxy votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Civic Centre,   Queen  Elizabeth   Drive,   Pershore,  Wares,  WR10   1PT  by  5  pm  on Wednesday,  10th July
  1. New applications to  vote  by  proxy  at  this  election  must  reach  the  Electoral Registration  Officer  at  Civic  Centre,  Queen  Elizabeth  Drive,  Pershore,  Wares, WR10  1PT by 5 pm on Wednesday, 17th July 2019.
  1. Applications to vote  by emergency  proxy at this  election  on grounds  of physical incapacity or for work/service reasons must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive,  Pershore, Wares, WR10 1 PT by 5 pm on Thursday,  25th July 2019.   The physical incapacity must have  occurred after 5 pm on Wednesday,  17th  July 2019.    To  apply  on  the  grounds  of work/service,  the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5 pm on Wednesday,  17th July 2019



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Download: Notice of Referendum: Harvington Plan Area (393 KB)

Referendum on the adoption of the Harvington Neighbourhood Plan

Councillor Hodgson, Cabinet Member for Communities helped launch the Community Solutions Fund at the Celebrating Volunteering Event on the 3rd of June 2019. This fund, which totals £145,000, can support  parish & town councils, voluntary and community sector organisations, schools and community groups to address local issues and increase community capacity through projects and initiatives that reflect the priorities of the Corporate Plan and help reduce future demand and costs for the County Council.

Visit the Act Local Website where you will find details of the fund, the criteria and the application form.

All applications to be sent to  – closing date 5 pm on 8th September 2019.

Have Your Say on Rural Crime – 7pm on Monday 24th June 2019.

Would you like to see more police in rural areas? What crime issues are important to you? What would make your community safer?

Rural Crime will be the focus of a live question and answer session hosted by the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner.

The meeting will be streamed live on the PCC’s facebook page ((@WestMerciaPCC), from 7pm on Monday 24th June 2019. The public are invited to ask the questions which the Commissioner and his Deputy Tracey Onslow will put to West Mercia Police Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, and Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman.

The meeting is the third to be broadcast live, and is part of a series of regular meetings, focusing on key priorities raised by communities.

Commissioner John Campion said “Building safer, more secure rural communities is something that, I and the Chief Constable are committed to. I get clear feedback that this priority is shared by our communities.

I’d encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity, to have a voice at the highest level. Any questions you have about rural policing, funding to tackle rural crime or particular crime types affecting you and your communities, can be addressed in the most open and transparent way.”

Questions are invited live during the broadcast, or can be submitted in advance as part of a series of summer roadshows, via a Facebook comment or private message, or via email to

For more information about how you can take part visit:

For more information on the Summer Roadshows visit

The Harvington Pastoral Support Network is a village initiative aimed at providing neighbourly support to local residents. The co-ordinators are Wendy and Konrad Monks and the other volunteers in the group are currently Mike Barbour, Annette France, and Sue Bullard. The Rector, Reverend Canon Richard Thorniley, oversees the project.
The purpose of the network is to provide low-key practical and emotional support to residents of the village, or to provide advice about how to access help for more complex needs. Over the last couple of years we have focused on raising awareness of the service through notices in the Village News, the Arch Messenger, and the “Welcome to Harvington”booklet which we produced. This has been effective in that we are quite often approached now by people who would like some help, or residents who have noticed that someone seems to be struggling a bit and who would “just like to let us know”. So, for instance, we
have been able to help with lifts to various appointments, taken people shopping or got provisions in for them if they have been poorly, and undertaken small practical or DIY tasks.
We are also providing friendly visiting for some people who are isolated or have suffered poor health or bereavement. In addition, we have been able to mobilise the very positive community spirit which exists in Harvington to keep a friendly eye on some of the more vulnerable villagers, and, for instance, to alert relatives where necessary.
It has been gratifying to recognise the care and goodwill that characterises the people of Harvington and we hope the project will be able to go from strength to strength. If you would like to speak to the team, or need a copy of the “Welcome” booklet, do please contact us on 01386 870267. E-mail address:

Celebrating our 5th Birthday this year, the Harvington Phoenix Ladies Group welcomes all ladies to join us on the 1st Wednesday of every month in the Village Hall at 7.45 pm. Activities include a wide variety of speakers, demonstrations and occasional days out.

Contact Ali (870179) or Wendy (870267) if you have any questions or you just want to find out more.

For details of events planned and further information please see the attached notice.

Governors of the charity invite applications for awards from young people under the age of 25 to assist with expenses in courses of study in further and higher education, apprenticeships and in some cases personal development such as overseas visits.

Application forms available by email:

See attached notice for further details.

Waste and recycling collection changes.

From Monday 15th October Wychavon District Council (WDC) will be making changes to waste and recycling collections.If you have not had a letter then please go to our online bin look-up service here where you can find out the details of the new collection arrangements or you can email  or call 01386 565018.

Our garden waste customers (brown bin) should note that these will now be collected on the same day as their recycling (green bin).


Why are we making these changes?

We have introduced these changes due to the increase in new housing across the district and increased travelling times for our collection vehicles to the energy from waste plant in Hartlebury. The changes will allow us to increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary journeys.

Good news! Residents can now recycle more from the kerbside

The changes have allowed us to increase the number of items residents can recycle from the kerbside. People will be able to recycle household batteries, textiles and small electrical items by placing them out on the same day as their black bin collection.

The reason we are asking people to recycle these items on their black bin week is to avoid any potential confusion with items that are recycled via their green bin. Batteries, textiles and electrical items require a separate recycling process to paper, glass, plastic etc and if they were to accidentally are put in the green bin they could cause difficulties at the recycling facility at Norton and pose a fire hazard.

To recycle these items via the kerbside collection people must:

·         Ensure batteries are placed in a small clear tied bag (eg a sandwich bag although they could also use a clear used bread bag) and put on top of their bin or out with their sacks if on a sack collection. They must be in a bag so they don’t cause a trip hazard and don`t fall through the cage on the collection vehicle.

·         Textiles must be placed in a carrier bag and put out with sacks or the side of the black bin. They must be stored in a bag to prevent them from getting dirty or wet which would make them unsuitable for recycling. Stuffed items such as pillows, duvets and quilts cannot be accepted through this scheme. We would encourage people to donate any good quality clothing or textiles to charity shops. Residents can use this handy charity shop locator to find their nearest one.

·         Small electrical items (toaster, hairdryer, curling tongs, kettles etc) can be placed on top of the black bin or out with sacks.

For more detailed information about the changes click here.